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Marble Rescue Ltd is the one stop resource for all your stone care needs. We specialize in residential and commercial. At Marble Rescue we make sure that the job is completed from beginning to end and that our customers are happy with the quality and craftsmanship throughout.

Who Are We

Marble Rescue was established by Griffin Wolfe in 2000. Griffin has been in stone restoration for over 27 years and has become one of the most knowledgeable and skilled people in the industry. Griffin attends all the quotes and performs or supervises all of the works himself. So you are not just dealing with an employee, you're doing business with the owner, supervisor and founder of Marble Rescue.

George Pettos joined the Marble Rescue team in 2004 and with his 30 year’s experience in the cleaning and restoration field he has been a driving force behind the company

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What We Do

Whether you want a lobby, office, foyer, bathroom or kitchen counter top restored or cleaned, we can work within your budget. We will gladly meet with you in your home or office to define your expectations and create a timeline to suit your immediate needs.

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Restoration & Repair

Stone surface worn, scratched, chipped, stained or any other forms of damage? Our Master Technicians can restore its appearance and reduce the chances of further damage. Our restoration and repair service will save money and keep your valuable investment looking great.


Stone surfaces dull with wear and time. If you want a shiny stone surface polishing your stone can improve its appearance and help to protect it. Using the highest quality polishing techniques will improve your stones reflectivity and clarity to keep it looking brand new.


Grinding stone using abrasive diamond tools is one of the highest quality restoration processes available. Much better than chemical polishing and restoration. Chemicals leave film on stone surfaces and prevent them from breathing. With grinding techniques, you will have natural and long lasting results.


Sealing is worth every investment. Using sealing techniques will help keep away stains and your stone surfaces will look great for a long time. If you want to protect interior or even your exterior stones, we will help you and point you to the best sealant.


What finish you choose can transform the look of stone? If you want a polished look or a faded antique look we can find and create the perfect finish. You will love your stone finish.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning involves much more than a scrubbing brush, bleach and elbow grease. It's one of the most neglected areas when it comes to your lobbies, kitchen and showers. If not done professionally, it can be a very hard and time consuming, tiring task that everyone loves to hate. If not maintained properly and on a regular basis, your investment could be destroyed.

Featured Work

Marble Countertop
Tile Cleaning
Floor Cleaning
Tile Polishing

Featured Clients

“Griffin did a fabulous job on our bathroom, repairing the marble floor and marble countertop, which were scratched and stained as the seal had disappeared some time ago. The bathroom looks like new and Griffin was prompt, courteous and efficient.”
“Very professional. Excellent Job. The job was done quickly with no mess at all. Griffin is a pleasure to deal with. He also gave me valuable information re: long term care and maintenance of my stone surfaces."
“I broke a bottle of red wine and stained my granite counter top. I tried everything to clean it myself. I hired Mable Rescue and they knew exactly how to get rid of the stain. My granite counters looked brand new. They rescued me out of a real mess.”

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